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Artists, Companies, and Other Such Goodness

Need some help with your pictures? Want to scope out the works of professionals? Looking for love?!

Well, I can hook you up with the first two. You're on your own with that "Love" stuff. Anyway... I'll periodically add links to various artists, writers and companies here. I'm pretty good with searching things so I'm asking you folks for help! If you come across some links that you feel would be a good resource, just e-mail me with the links. I'll check them out and, if they're good enough, I'll add them here. Keep an eye out and send anything good my way!

With a list this massive, I've given it it's own drop-down. Just select what you're looking for and hit Go. To get back to the top, simply click the "Back to Top" link and you're set. Got it? Awesome. Now get to clickin' already!

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