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A Christmas Miracle

This is an image with a special meaning. It's based off of story done by a friend of mine, Sean C. The story and illustration were featured in a yearly school publication called the Student Philosopher.

Pen and Ink on Sketchbook paper.

World's Ugliest Drunk

For those who know me and my movie watching habits, they know I have a copy of all the Alien movies that have been released on video. That would be Alien, Aliens (Regular and Special Edition. The SE was originally released as the Laser Disk copy.=P), Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection. I even have some of the toys somewhere.
This pic actually came about after a days worth of an Aliens marathon. After all this time, I still have issues drawing people correctly.

Pen on Sketchbook paper.

Alien is property of 20th Century Fox. Props to H.R. Giger for the original design.

Random Angel

Can't remember anything behind this except I believe it was drawn on a dare during High School.

Pen and ink on sketchbook paper.


Another illustration from the Student Philosopher. Yet again, I knew the author. The poem was called Leaving. A sad little number, very sweet. I re-did the original on thicker paper and took some watercolor pencils to it. It came out nice, I just need to find it again.

Pen and ink on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Sword and Shield

This is what I used to do in my spare time. Many of the people I knew throughout the years have always tried to re-invent the classic D&D style game. They were always building stories and little stick figures as characters. I would kind of snicker at the weapons. It's kind of hard to take a game seriously when all the weapons looked the same. So, I either offered or was asked if I could one up their designs.
I've also been known to just randomly draw swords, shields, staffs, axes and such. This is one of many such designs.

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Unknown Person

Too many modern day samurai movies for me. Yep... indeed. This is what came of a day's worth of watching some strange modern samurai movies in USA one weekend. Understanding why I don't draw many humans? I was never really good at heads or bodies. I still have trouble. Oh well...

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

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