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Monochromatic Art: Page 3

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Sophia the 3rd

Fans of what is now "Classic" Nintendo gaming know of a simple game. It was a new kind of platform game where the main character wasn't a person or an animal. No, no... the main character was a car.
Blaster Master folks, the ultimate title that has at once messed with folks ideas of their gaming ability and challenged all those who attempted to beat her. And who could forget that sweet ride? Sophia was a gear head's dream come true. Great shocks, nice design, the ability to hover and act as sub, jump great heights and fire a wide variety of ammo in many directions....
Damn I want that car.=)

Pen and pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

S.O.P.H.I.A. III MA-01 and Blaster Master © Copyright Sunsoft.

Crystal in Grey

Originally, this was a simple sketchbook deal. I was told to paint something from my book in class so I chose this. I have to get a better pic of the painting to post. It came out really good.

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

My Ra-Seru

There was a game that came out for the Playstation called Legend of Legaia. The cut scenes were insane, the fighting setup was cool and the plot didn't bore people to sleep. I played this game constantly. The best part of it were these beings called RaSeru. They would attach to their user and act like a guide/weapon/magic casting tool.
I liked the look of these creatures so much that, like Sophia, I re-did it. This time, I decided to make my own. No real reason, just thought it would be fun.

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

RaSeru © Copyright Sony Entertainment.

Soul: Sanctuary

An angry man with demon wings. Could it be the pants? Or is it the way I inked his hands? Most likely, it's the hands. The background is a church I used to go to from time to time. I still walk in every once and a while. This background was started from memory. Pretty good considering it had been a few years since I had last stepped foot in the place.

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Soul is intellectual property of David Stoney and Erik Amill.

Digital Dizziness

Yet another illustration for the Student Philosopher. When I was in High School, the art students had to do this as an assignment. The minimum was one or two. The most I know of anyone doing was 8 or 9. o.@ Digital Dizziness was done completely random. I loved the shading and the look of the rose so much that I can't bring myself to color it.
I do think it's appeared in two books. The first was the Student Philosopher, the other was my yearbook. Sweet, published twice in one school year.=P

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Egg Drop: Plans and sketches

I've never been one of those people who likes to think about what household items I could build stuff out of. No, I think about what I could build if I ordered some plastic, made some molds, and did a little work.
This design was neither built nor would have worked. It would've needed something like a rubber bands to turn the propellers and create lift. They would have to turn really fast to give enough cushion to slow the fall and not kill the egg. Oh well...

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

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