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Monochromatic Art: Page 5

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Urban Ninja

Okay, so it has some color. The image was meant to have that color logo. It was going to be in contrast to the phat dark background I had planed for it. Like many pics, I got so far and just left it for later. I'll finish it someday.
Please enjoy the Wiffle Ball bat goodness and the double-edged Lightsaber action. This whole thing was just one big joke.=P

Pen and pencil on sketchbook paper.

Double lightsaber © Copyright Lucasfilms.

One Strange Vehicle

This oddity came out of one very long health class. The teacher, she was talking about something. I guess I should've been paying attention, but the massive amount of health books my family owns that I've gone through many times when I was younger hasn't been too wrong so far. I've been working off of that stuff for the past 12 years. o.o
I got bored of the class pretty quick, so I started to doodle on a piece of paper. She split the class into groups, I took out my book and started drawing this.
You know, I didn't like it when teachers did the "Group" thing back in Elementary School, it was just plain stupid in High School. At least I got a fun image out of it.

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Dragon Pendant

Guided by fate and destiny, another is born.
Through my own eyes I see the next in line,
One who will inherit all our hopes and our pains.
This mortal coil is one soul more, one traveler added.
May he choose wisely his own fate and may he choose well.
Soon, he too shall witness this very act and the cycle shall begin anew.

This one's for you, Will. A gift from your uncle Prophet.

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Strange Lock

Two hair pins and the top of a small Tupperware container. That and I know something else had to have had a hand in this one. It looks cool though.=P

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone in Fireworks MX.

Hate Away

Not only am I an artists, writer and professional mallrat, but I'm here to sell you stuff, too! This lovely product will get rid of any and all problems, deadlines, posers, haters, and all around annoying things. One spray and all your troubles go away!
How much would you pay for such a ridiculously insane product? How much would you, the consumer, shell out for such a miraculous thing?! Not $19.99, not $9.99, not even 99 cents. You pay nothing! Why you ask? Because it doesn't exist!

This was made during a time when many of my friends where getting hit bad by people being fools, ripping off their art, and other such troubles. And, it wasn't just from regular folks either.

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Rabbit (Positive)

A quick sketch that gave birth to something completely unexpected. A very cool image that I have lined up to be re-done in acrylics.
Very cool indeed.

Pen on sketchbook paper.

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