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Monochromatic Art: Page 6

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Rabbit (Negative)

That same quick sketch turned something interesting - only in negative. This is a little more true to the original. It was made from a scan of the pencil instead of the inked version.
I really like this one because the negative brought out a lot of the shading that is lost when scanned and then viewed on a computer screen.

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Invert done in Fireworks MX.

Quick Kiwi Sketch

Like the name says, it's a quick sketch of Kiwi, a friend from MSC. A great artist and a very quick character to draw. I think I did this in about 10 minutes.

Pencil on sketchbook paper.

Kiwi is intellectual property Michael Araya.


I wanted to do a pic for two friends from MSC. I never really did a pic with two characters interacting before, nevermind showing emotion through anything but facial expressions. Though the anatomy is off, I feel it came out alright.
Good song, too.

Pencil on printer paper. Sepia tone done and effects done in Fireworks MX.

The girl (Akima) is property of Anya Schwartz while the guy (Mixtz) is property of Michael Araya. The lyrics are from Incubus' song Steller.

Vampire's Plight: Sketch

Like the title says, this is the first sketch version of my Vampire's Plight piece.
Though some things stuck around from this version to the final, the anatomy was way off. After some help from a very helpful (and forgiving) art teacher, I improved the anatomy and completely re-drew the image... though I did draw most of it during class. o.@

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Klonoa Sketch

I was trolling through the video games magazines a while back and I found this interesting character. At first, I thought "Cool, new game that looks like it might be fun." Then I noticed something on his hat. You see that? Kinda' looks like a massive button attacking a smaller one, right? Upon closer inspection, I figured out what "It" was and who the game maker was without looking at the article.=P

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks MX.

Klonoa © 2002 Namco.

Random Hovercraft

Yet another attempt to create a vehicle in perspective. One of these days I'll be able to draw up both real and fantasy cars and whatnot in two point. o.@ It still looks cool though.

Pencil on Sketchbook Paper.

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