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Monochromatic Art: Page 8

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Chris Farley

Man I miss that big guy.
This is an old painting I had done back in High School many moons ago. It was based on a black and white image from an old Rolling Stones article. I still feel this is one of my better pieces as far as painting is concerned. I even got a few good offers for it when it was shown in that year's Art Show. Just can't seem to part with it.
The physical image is pretty big ( 24"x20" ) . This is by far the cleanest snapshot I've ever taken of it.

It's been awhile but I believe it is Tempera paint on good quality paper.

Random Image - Mouse Guy

This is what comes of too much multitasking.
I was in my Sociology class taking notes, adding information to the conversation and drawing this little thing. It's actually a practice in body design. I'm trying to be more "Dynamic" in my sketches since my artwork is fairly flat as far as action goes.

Pencil on printer paper. Sepia tones done in Fireworks 4.

Project: Alice - Thumbnails... sorta.

More multitasking fun from Sociology class.
I need to get my comic done so I figured I'd draw out what I want the other players to look like. Finally got off a headshot of Fred that looks good. As for Gates, Red, and Techie... that was just a matter of putting them down on paper.
Now to make these things look normal instead of all... cute. o.@

Pencil on printer paper. Sepia tones done in Fireworks 4.

Project: Alice crew are my intellectual property.

Prophet comic- Page 1 Pencils

The first page of my very first comic project, Prophet. This one came out better than earlier attempts though. No text on this one.

Pencil on printer paper. Sepia tones done in Fireworks 4.

Prophet is my intellectual property.

Plush Jesus Sketch

What happens when a random, yet very funny, comment in a college sculpture class goes to far? This!
I know, I know. It's a sacrilegious image of Jesus and Mary. It's in poor taste. I'm going to Hell for this image. Yes, I know. But hey, He's been in the public eye for over 2000 years. I'm fairly certain that this little image won't bring down a whole boatload of religions/religious offshoots.=P

Pencil on Printer Paper.


'Tis my dragon character, Avodroc. He's been re-worked a bit from the Lil' Prophet pic.

Pencil on printer paper. Sepia tones done in Fireworks 4.

Avodroc is my intellectual property.

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