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Monochromatic Art: Page 9

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Zombie Head

This is what came of me teaching my friend how to draw cute little characters. It's painfully strange and it's already found its way onto my math notes and some computer paper I had with stuff written on it. o.@
Oh well, I guess this is just another in a long line of strangeness form the hands of Erik Amill.

Pencil on computer paper. Sepia tone in Fireworks.


This is what I drew up a day ago.
I scrapped my last idea for this pic and went with this one. It's a mix of what I'm learning from a How-To book and a little bit of inspiration from my set of Clow cards.

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone in Fireworks.

Alice is my intellectual property.

Vampire's Plight: Final (BW)

The final version of Vampire's Plight. Though tossed in here late, it was done around the same time as the original.

Color pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Sepia tone in Fireworks.


Yep. Another older image that I had been messing with off and on since I started it in the fall during one of my classes. A very basic pose, like the image I did of Veemon not too long ago.

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Sepia tones done in Fireworks.

Renamon © Copyright Bandai.

Renamon's Back

Late nights and little good work being produced. A freshly inked image on paper just thin enough to make a copy of what's on the other side.
That's the tale of what is now "Renamon's Back."

Pencil on sketchbook paper. Sepia tones done in Fireworks.

Renamon's back, along with the rest of her, is © Copyright Bandai.

Computer Tag: Draco

Yep. After many viewings of commercials for the movie "Reign of Fire," I figured I'll finally give the computer that's known only as Project: Rebirth a name.
I dub thee Draco. For those who are not as big into astronomy, that's the dragon constellation. I'll find a way to work it into its design.

Pen on sketchbook paper. Touch-ups done in Fireworks.

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