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Monochromatic Art: Page 10

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Summer Solstice - Prelim Sketch

College work is the craziest work.=P
I did this for a large yet interesting study using pieces of a massive version of my signature. It was to design two monuments, one for Groundhog Day and the other for the Summer Solstice, using pasted pieces of your signature. This is a quick thumbnail. May make painting of it later.

Pencil on Bristol Board. Color tweak done in Adobe Photodeluxe Business Edition.

A Piece of... Paper?

That's right. It's a piece of paper.
What? It made good shading practice.

Pencil on scratch paper.

Yankees Hat

More shading practice. The victem this time: My old Yankees hat.

Pencil on scratch paper.

Cut Paper - "Found Objects"

This was fun. And yes, the black objects are all cut paper. It takes skills, a sharp knife, and massive amounts of luck to get those cuts.
Yet another college project. The best of a set of 4.

Black charcoal paper on Bristol Board. Grey paper is scap used to show details.

Evil P3nquin: Preliminary Design

Logo/Character design for a friend.
He liked my Evil Penguin so much that he wanted one to call his own. I based this one off the original and scanned it in case any changes are made in the final. 'Tis a nice design indeed.

Pencil on White Printer Paper. Color done in Fireworks.

Evil P3nquin: Final (Line Art)

I don't normally post work in this stage but I think this is clearly an exception. Check this out, not only have a spent a hair under six hours total on drawing this piece but this is the first time I've truly used a visible crosshatching technique with this kind of effectiveness.
I like it, I'll have fun finishing it with color pencils and (most importantly) the person who I'm doing this for will love it. I still can't believe it looks as good as it does.

Pen on white printer paper.

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