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Monochromatic Art: Page 13

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Summer Fun with Biff!

Inspired by many a mispent summer watching Gidget.
Being a vampire, Biff can't be exposed to direct sunlight. If it was any kind of sunlight, vampires would only be able to come out during the new moon. Hence, Biff is covered head to toe for his summer fun.

Pencil and ink on card stock. Logo and sepia done in Fireworks. Fonts by Blambot.

Small Ian Doodle

This is a simple little doodle I've been pecking at for a while of Ian of MacHall and Three Panel Soul fame.
This image was done over the span of a month or so. I started it shortly after the "Evening with Kevin Smith" event got underway. Don't ask me how, but Ian just popped into my head. Ever since, I've been picking at it during my free time (You know the time. When you should be working on more important things. o.@) until I called it quits on the 25th.
After I scanned it, I put in a quick and cheap background to fill in all the dead space that used to be there. Personally, I like it. It's small and not too shabby for a relatively uninvolved pencil doodle.

Pencil on Sketchbook paper. Sepia tone done in Fireworks

Ian © Copyright Ian McConville and Machall Productions.

Gift for Mimic

A gift for an old friend from MSC, Mimic T. Moonrat. She's an outstanding artist.

Pencils on sketchbook paper.

Mimic is intellectual property of Guinevere Gibbs.

Ren Print - Blue

Carved from some spongy floor tile and printed in a rather nice old press. Unfortunately, the print itself came out understandably soft.

Blue printing ink on cheap paper.

Etching: Dark Biff

This is an updated version of my final intaglio plate in Printmaking class. I added some depth by crosshatching the wings. The plate was under wiped with a highlight appearing in the middle. I didn't mean for it to happen but I think it looks cool. 'Tis serendipity I guess.
Damn I love sepia.=P

Etching done in zinc. Sepia ink printed on thick paper.

Fun with Test Plates

I spent way too much time on this for it to be just an average test plate. I am a bit upset over the mess made in the window by a mistake during the soft ground process. I used a hard ground to enhance some of the lines but this is mostly a dry point piece.
The sepia ink really looks nice with the image. It gives it a bit of an older feeling to it.

Sepia ink on thick printing paper. Etch done in zinc.

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