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Monochromatic Art: Page 14

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Dualities of Life

A random piece done in Illustrator 10.
I learned more about Illustrator faster doing this piece than I was going through the book. It's a fun little doodle. Might just post more Illustrator fun up here sometime.

Illustrator 10.

Icons: Books 'N' Jewels

My own handywork. I needed some drawn items to build icons and such so I put pencil to paper and set to my business. I have built more items at the office but the program is proving a bit defiant and won't "do as I say."=P
As long as I get to work and work well, I'm happy.

Inks on sketchbook paper.

Raven Scythe - Blade sketch

I got this idea after a friend of mine started two new characters in CoH. I felt one of them needed a scythe as a proper weapon instead of a katana. That's when it all went out of control.
A simple blade for now. I'm working on a piece involving this and my own personal version of death.=P

Pencils on sketchbook paper.

Joystick Junkie - Sketch

My Drawing 2 teacher said that we could do anything for our self-portait final.=P This is the quick sketch version for that very project. I think it came out pretty cool.

Pencil on Printer Paper.

Dragon Mints Project - Prelim

Here we go folks. This is in scraps for a good reason: 'Tis a sketch for a school project. I've got some basic ideas down on this one but I've gotten hung up on the feet.
The project breaks down like this - I get to come up with and make an ad for a fake product of my design. I get to slice and dice old footage and even use some classic mascots from the early part of the last century. I picked and Highly modified a girl by the name of "Miss Flame." Since I've made her into a bit of a dragon lady, I don't know what way to go on her foot design.

Pencil on sketchbook paper.

Lineart of Spooky Doom

Awhile back, Shadow Freak posted a pic called "Freebe color page thingy O.o" and I took up the call. I did a little colored version and thought "This needs something... but what?"
Two days and many a curse word later, I drew up some strange art deco gargoyle attached to J. Random building in a city of some kind. By using a technique I like to call "Freehand++"*, I transfered Shadow Freak's original image to mine.
I know the gargoyle looks funky with Shadow sitting on it like that but I really couldn't think of anything better for a setting. I'm planning on doing more work on it and possibly even getting some color into it soon. Enjoy.

Pencil and ink on Printer Paper.

The image of Shadow belongs to Shadow Freak. I just added a background so far.

* Freehand++ - Take paper that's thin enough to be kinda' sorta' painfully hard, if not impossible to see through and "imagine" a light behind it. Not for the faint of heart.

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