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Monochromatic Art: Page 15

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Self Portrait - Fake Wings

"Keep your eyes on me Now we're on the edge of Hell..."

I'll be upfront with you folks: There are two ideas behind this piece and I'll only give you one. The other is known to one other person. With any luck, she's not telling.

This is me. All of me - including that odd little mustache that I've had forever.=P I drew this while I was sitting outside one of the comp labs on campus waiting to finish my finals for Portfolio Prep and Adv. Animation. I was thinking about why I do what I do - Why draw? I have the skills to build machines, the savvy to be a computer science major, the know-how to rock astronomy. All these things would gain me more cash and allow me to be more respected than just another artist. Not having my book, I folded up a throw-away flyer and started doodling. As I drew, I kept asking why... Why this path? Why not medicine or a mechanist? But alas... the answer wasn't there.
A month passed and I find myself down the street from RISD at a small Johnny Rockets. My friend and I escape CT every so often to Providence, RI to, as he puts it, "Make fun of the Art Students." I take out my sketchbook and the picture and begin to transfer it onto someplace safer. All the while, the question goes through my head. Once again, the picture is placed off to the side and life goes on as usual. I picked back up around midnight last night and finished it off. I still don't have a dead set answer to why I draw but I realized something. I may never answer the question but I'll draw until I have my answer.

Completely pencil - no inks. I even left my grubby artists marks from when I shaded.

Quote from the song "Fake Wings" from the .hack://SIGN OST Vol.1

Spaced Out

A little bit I drew up during an Alternative Energy class. The teacher was discussing a TV project involving the class for Earth Day. It was a call-in show and callers with good questions about green energy.
I started to draw up a flyer. I don't honestly remember if it was used. Safe bet is it probably wasn't.

Pencil on printer paper. Background and effects done in Fireworks.

Cuthulhu - Pocky Addict

Busted this out while sitting around ConnectiCon '05. Something like 10 mins spent on it tops. Not too shabby for a quick sketch.
Pocky... good stuff. Flavored frosting on biscuit sticks. Seems people have become addicted to this stuff. Not even squid-headed elder gods are immune! Poor Cuthulhu...

Pencil on Sketchbook paper. Text added in Fireworks.

Santa Moogle

This is why people shouldn't leave me around paper.=P
I doodled a bunch of these of gifts for friends so I figured I should make a master one for the folks at large. Slight smudging came from my jacket and using HB lead instead of 4H like I should (And tend to do). Once in Fireworks and flipped to Sepia, the smudging kinda grew on me.
Big ups to all and to all a goodnight. Peace!

Pencil on printer paper. Sepia done in Fireworks.

Moogle © Copyright SquareEnix.

Spring Break 06 - Sketches

It is what it is really. o.o
This was just about all I could pump out on the sketch side of things. I have two things that made it past this into a finished state. I'll get them up ASAP. Figured folks might want to see what I do when I'm not cleaning/working/goofing off.

Pencil on printer paper. Text done in Fireworks.

Annoying dog person © Copyright Nintendo. Moogle © Copyright SquareEnix.

Psycho Tonberry Sketch

Digging through my ConnectiCon stuff and I found this little diddy.
Done while eyeing a little Tonberry figurine the girl next to me was painting.=P I may color this in the future, it's still up in the air for now. Now to find that other pic I made...
*Fear the blade*

Pencil on scratch paper.

Tonberry © Copyright SquareEnix.

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