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Monochromatic Art: Page 16

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Random Dragon - Pencils

What could this possibly be?!
... I'm not sure.
This grew out of a contest entry/assignment for Graphic Design class. It was built off of old fire god myths from all over, though this feels like it ties in more to South and Central America than anywhere else. There is a bit of Chinese myth in there too. I dug the pencils so much that I decided to post it.

Pencil on printer paper.

Mog Doodle - Fat Cash

I don't know why, but I've been on quite the Moogle kick lately. Most, if not all, of my doodles of late have been a moogle of some kind. This one just happened to be drawn on my sister's cash envelope. We both got a bit more money than expected from a relative during the holidays hence the "Fat Cash."

Pencil on a paper money envelope.

Moogle © Copyright SquareEnix.

Random Doodle - Prophet

A little something that I came across while digging through old catalogs and such for style reference. I remember I started this thing shortly before the build-up rush to ConnectiCon and it went missing. From where I found it, it must have been swept up in my search for materials way back when.
I may finish this someday...

Pencil on printer paper. Colored in Fireworks.

This is a Tribute...

A Tribute to the coolest pic I did at ConnectiCon '06 that I kept. Unfortunately, I can't find the original. -.- This one took my a bit 'cause I can never really repeat anything I draw. Once it's done, it's done. You want a copy of something I've scrawled, you'll need a machine.
On the subject of this year's ConnectiCon, I also did a really quick sketch of Pyramid Head for a random person that first morning (Which rocked much boxers). I just hope that SH fangirl kept it safe.=P

Pencil on scratch paper. Colored in Fireworks.

Mog Doodle - Halloween '06

I figured I'd get this up before it got lost in the sea of papers that is my desk.=P
One of my many quickie Moogle doodles, all polished up for a Video Art project. I don't know why I do it but those little creatures are just so quick and easy for me to pump out. Like I'm some kind of... moogle tap at a weekend long FF-themed keg party. Well, I took my basic moogle and popped on a trippy little mage hat and an interesting little coat. Added a wand for effect.=D

Pencil on scratch paper. Colored in Fireworks.

Moogle © Copyright SquareEnix.

MM - Sketch

Modern Day Metamorphosis - A project I've had in mind since I read the Kafka classic Metamorphosis some years ago. In effect, this is the first shot across the bow of a couple of my short subject comic projects as they may be put on hold to go through with this.
A warm-up sketch that I shaded quickly.

Pencil on scratch paper. Colored in Fireworks.

Greg is my intellectual property. The Nintendo DSLite in his hand is © Copyright Nintendo.

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