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Card Design - Bats

Found some nifty pieces of card stock - the kind set up to be a greeting card - and decided to do some doodling for some friends of mine. Coming up with a design was hard but I'm pretty happy with it.
I hope they dig it as much as I did making it.

Pencil on textured card stock. Colored in Fireworks.

Real and Scary?

Really people, you have to be careful about your costume choices out there.
One minute, you're dressed as a rabbit. The next, you are a rabbit. o.@ Before long, the house is out of carrots and you're ducking crazy paint wielding anti-fur protesters. >.<
Never a good way to start your week, ya' know?

Pencil on scratch paper.

Cthulhu Doodle - Mornings

A quickie doodle to get myself back into the swing of actual factual artwork. This particular piece was done up while sitting at the dentist this morning with but a single cup o' joe in me.
One would venture to guess the bringer of madness is not a morning person... who just happens to rock boxers and an oversized shirt as its PJs... and carries a stuffed bear. Yeah... that's the ticket.=P

Pencil on scratch papaer.

Dead Days Contest Entry

Ham Sandwich Ham Sandwich! HAM! HAM! HAM!=D

This is what I get for listening to too many podcasts...
For the Dead Days "Huge!" contest.

Pencil on printer paper.

Dead Days © Copyright John Rios.

Happy Holidays from Silent Hill

It started with a random comment and ended up an interesting pic.=P
I'm late as hell to post here but Happy Holidays folks.

Pencil on scratch paper. Color and text in Fireworks.

Pyramid Head © Copyright Konami.


Mmm... Descriptive Text.

Medium used.

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