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Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

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Bitmapped Prophet

My first internet image. This was before I even had a scanner. This image is one of only a few completely digital images I've ever done.


Prophet is my intellectual property.


The first picture I ever did for someone. It's been quite a long time since I've last seen this guy in a chat. Of course, I don't go into too many chats anymore.


Renegade is intellectual property of his player.

Mighty Prophet

I'm a fan of the old Mighty Max cartoon series. Good story, nice jokes, and a talking fowl. What's not to love?


Mighty Max is intellectual property of Mattel.

The original Prophet

The image that started it all. This is the original "Final" for my character Prophet, as well as the design that has lasted in some way, shape, or form throughout my work.

Pen, marker, and crayon on sketchbook paper.

Prophet is intellectual property of Erik Amill. (That'd be me!)

Mafia Prophet

A joke between friends. From back in the days of MSC. I've improved on body design since then.

Pen and crayon on sketchbook paper.

Biker Sonic

Not my best work. Not even for back then. I might re-do this image someday, I haven't done much in the way of Sonic Fanart lately.

Pen, marker, and crayon on sketchbook paper.

Sonic the Hedgehog is intellectual property of Sega of America, Inc.

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