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Bass Gif

Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

Color Art: Page 2

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Another image that I know could be better. It was an interesting concept at the time though.

Pen, marker, and crayon on sketchbook paper.

Tails is intellectual property of Sega of America, Inc.


I've always had trouble with the female form. I don't know why though. A image for a friend from the chat once known as MSC.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Night is intellectual property of her player.

J. Axer

The first image I've done of J. There's another one, I just need to find it. This is what come of watching too many crazy modern-day samurai movies.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

J. Axer is intellectual property of J. Axer.

Badass Lucy

This holds a few firsts for me. This is the first image I've done of Anya's characters, the first time I'd made a background completely separate from the original foreground, and the first time I've used MS Paint to layer two pictures on top of each other.
That's a lot of firsts.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Layering in MS Paint.

Badass Lucy is intellectual property of Anya Schwartz.

"Missy as a Cat"

This began as a bad idea and so it remained. Long story, too long for here. Sorry!

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Missy is intellectual property of Sara Hammond.


One of my first dips into the idea of the dual nature of folks. This one is fairly lighthearted compared to some of the my later stuff.
Never underestimate the ability for a good kid to raise hell. o.o

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

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