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Color Art: Page 3

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Anime Erik

I attempted to create something inspired by all the anime I've watched. Instead, I make a self portrait that looks more like that kid from Married with Children.
I still want that shirt though. Someday...

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

PokeFiction: Bulbasaur

He's cute, he's cuddly, he's become fodder for parody.
I did this image after watching an episode of Pokemon called "Island of the Giant Pokemon." It was funny because they subtitled the Pokemon when they spoke, so people could understand what they were saying to each other. Turns out that Bulbasaur was pretty sarcastic, same with Squirtle.
I was planning on doing a second PokeFiction of Squirtle but I never got around to it.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Bulbasaur is intellectual property of Gamefreak and Nintendo of America, Inc.

"Jane's Addiction"

I got lucky with this one. This is an image for yet another friend from MSC. The character's name is Jane. I did the title "Jane's Addiction", forgetting that there's a band of the same name. Turns out, having that on there wasn't so bad after all.=P

Pencil, marker, ink and crayon on sketchbook paper.

Jane is intellectual property of Sarah French.


An image for a friend from MSC. I've since learned not to kill wings with heavy inks and crazy outline. It's a situation where less would have been much better than more.
I did good later though.

Pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Runestar is intellectual property of Sabrina O'Neal.

Empress Violet Vortex

For VV, one of the many folks I met in MSC. This isn't the best image, but there is something on it that many people might not see at first. I cross-hatched with black on the image first to define the shadows. I then went over it in blue ink.
The details died in post-production, but the original is a sight to see, even if it looks all around bad.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Title done in MS Paint.

Empress Violet Vortex is intellectual property of Adriana Ferguson.

Adia as a Rabbit

I can't remember exactly how this one came together. I do believe I asked to do an image of her character. Anyway, this one came out pretty rough.
By the time I finished this, the look of her character changed. For those who can't tell, it was supposed to be a rabbit. I should've put some detail on the moon so it doesn't look like a massive disk. The constellations in the background I do believe exist. I tend to use my astronomy books when doing night skies.
The marker was a bad idea. Normally, it wouldn't come out that bad but it was dying and I didn't change to a fresh one. o.@

Colored pencil, ink, and marker on sketchbook paper.

Adia is intellectual property of her player.

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