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Color Art: Page 4

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Prophet vs. Darth Maul

Episode One. It's the first new Star Wars movie since the 80's and it happens long before the original three. All this and it has Jar Jar Binks.
I actually liked the movie, but I knew deep down that I could beat Darth Maul in a fight. Skilled be not this dark Jedi was.=P

Colored pencil, ink, and marker on sketchbook paper.

Darth Maul (or at least the lightsaber in the picture) is intellectual property of Lucas Films.


My friend and I, we're both into making comics. His name is David Stoney. This boy's artwork was as insane as his scripts. Dealing with religious themes and all, it made for good reading. One day, we sat down and thought of a cross-over between our two books (The book in question was my Prophet series). This is what came of those few hours of planning.
I enjoyed making the armor for this image. The wings are in what has become a common pose for me. The reason why I outlined him in red marker is because I still hadn't found out about Macromedia Fireworks yet.=P I really would like to do a crossover or maybe even a one-shot based on this character. Oh well...

Colored pencil, ink, and marker on sketchbook paper.

Soul is intellectual property of David Stoney and Erik Amill.


I've never been one to draw painfully cute versions of my characters unless the need arises. This was actually in response to many things:

  1. Chatrooms where the Japanese language is abused and destroyed.
  2. The challenge to make a version of my character that could be considered "Cute."
  3. Boredom.

And thus, Kawaii Prophet was born! Sometimes I wish I didn't draw this one.=P

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Prophet logo and some color added in MS Paint.

Matt Easton: Graduation Gift

My friend had just graduated from that which is known as Windham High School. Since I, being constantly without cash for gifts, drew this up for him. There is a much better image of this same character that I drew randomly. I still have yet to figure out why I drew him as a cat.

Colored pencil, ink, and marker on sketchbook paper.


And this would be that "much better image."
I still have yet to figure out why I drew him as a cat.

Colored penciland ink on sketchbook paper.

"Life's Message"

This image is for a friend of mine who was killed in 1998. Same with the poem.
For those who notice such things, they'll notice that the poem is kind of sad with a twist at the end. Much of my poetry does this.

Color Pencil and Ink on Sketchbook Paper. Poem added in Fireworks.

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