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Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

Color Art: Page 5

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Team Rocket Prophet

I like this image. Of course, Team Rocket is the organization of "Bad Guys" from the Pokemon franchise. Personally, I like the bad guys. I also like the less "cute" characters like Cubone. Just imagine if one could train a Cubone to use that bone club like a sword. It'd be one devastating opponent indeed.=)

Colored pencil, ink, and marker on sketchbook paper.

Cubone and "Team Rocket" are © Copyright Game Freak and Nintendo of America.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

The first image from Senior year.
Both me and Prophet, back to back, in the same image. I've always been shy where as my character is written to be a little more outgoing. Even online, I'm more outgoing than in any real life situation that I can think of save for the Sunday Magic: The Gathering games I go to every so often.

Colored pencil, ink, and marker on sketchbook paper.

Prophet: Bust

I like this image.
It took me a while to finish the pencils on this image, never mind the color. In the end, it was worth it. It's the first good image I have of the most current art style I use. It's also the best way of showing both the body shape and the facial features of Prophet. Everything went right with this one.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Always Prepared

Like the text implies - I'm not a good kid or a cute kid. That said, I'm prepared to take one either one if the situation arises.

Ink on sketchbook paper.


I was a fairly big fan of the old Monster Rancher cartoon series. Having seen many an artist do "Pokemophs" - images of (sometimes) already pretty anthropomorphic characters given even more human traits - I decided to try one from a different franchise.
Mocchi, the lovable little pink critter from MR, became less cute in my hands. For a character with a strong attack like the cherry blossom one seen here, you'd figure he would have been a little bigger/meaner. Go fig.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Mocchi and Monster Rancher are © Copyright Tecmo.


What can I say, I like Digimon. Good cartoon with a good plot. This was done in honor of the D-3 that I had just bought. Good, good stuff.

Pencil, pen, ink and markers on sketchbook paper.

Veemon © Bandai 2000.

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