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Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

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SlackVeemon: Digimon of Laziness!

I had to. Even when I draw pics of Pokemon, I always have to put a different spin on them.=P Oh well. No comes the fun part... all of the copyright info. o.@

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Extra colors for letters done in Fireworks 4.

Veemon © Bandai 2001, Pikachu © GameFreak, Nintendo 2001, Pringles © Procter & Gamble 2001, Skittles © Mars/M&M 2001, Spooky © Jhonen Vasquez 2001, Playstation © SCEA 2001.

Vampire's Plight: Full Color

This is how folks would see it if they looked in my sketchbook. Although the Final version looks amazing, it would be just words without this.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper.

Evil Penguin

My ideas of this little christmas statue my mom has. Even as I write this, it sits in the living room with those weird little hemisphere eyes. o.@
-Edit: 09.12.2007- Turns out I finally remember where I've seen the little plastic statue before: Pee Wee's Playhouse. It sits right next to the front door of the place inside the house itself.

Ink, pencil, and colored pencil on white sketchbook paper.

Shamrock Plumbing and Heating Logo

It's a logo I did for a local supply company. It took awhile for me to do this but, surprisingly enough, the guy I did it for still hasn't bought the building.
Oh well...

Colored pencil and ink on large unknown white paper.

Alice: Mug edition

Yep. I think this mug version of my Alice picture is the one I'm gonna' keep for shirts and stuff right now. I finally opened a store at Cafepress, so you could actually buy this if you wanted to.Hit up my bio page or my website for the addy.

Ink and colored pencil on sketchbook paper. Effects and text done in Fireworks.

Image: Logo

'Nuff said really. This is what I'll put on my stuff as a personal logo. A sticker and all or a nice small symbol on shirts (If I ever get around to making any.=P). Just another step towards what I hope is a career in art.

Colored pencil, ink, and marker on sketchbook paper.

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