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Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

Color Art: Page 8

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What happens when I dig through drawers and unpack boxes that have been sitting around for nearly 6 months? I stumble upon a pic I had given up on. The master image (Which I may clean up and finish) was done as a random doodle during a Geology class about a semester ago. I light-boxed it, tracing it onto three different pieces of card stock. Then came the watercolor job. I scanned them and edited the whole thing in Fireworks 4.
Why all the work? Because it's cool. And because I felt I should get to many of the things I've been putting off for too long. Many a project needs finishing and this was the first. A side note: This will be used for my gaming system's background. That comp is called Draco, hence the name for the piece. I may do a few touch-ups and flip the image for a proper wallpaper. May post it here. Enjoy.

Colored pencil, watercolor and ink on card stock. Effects and whatnot done in Fireworks.

Tim the Unemployed Polar Bear

What? Unemployed already? Damn, that was quick. o.@
You just can't draw new characters these days. -.-
Oh well... This image was pretty fun to draw. That and I'm actually starting to use Fireworks to do more than before.

Color pencil, Pencil and Ink on Sketchbook paper. Added text and effects done in Fireworks.


For Megz.

Color Pencil and Ink on Sketchbook paper. Text added in Fireworks 4.

Random Neopet Sketch

I liked this. Sat down last night around 2am and drew two of my Neopets. The original sketch was saved, inked, and colored.
This needs to be seperated and a background in the worst way. o.@ Someday... someday...

Color Pencil and Ink on Sketchbook paper.

Scorchio and Meerca © Neopets, Inc.

Qiang Li Na

For Vermilion for getting that oh-so magic number damn near a year ago.
I finally finished the pic I promised and I have to say it came out really friggin' cool. Unfortunately, the scanner ate the watercolors alive but the color pencils came through pretty good. The pose is cool though I feel it and the hand need work. Of course, if I nit-picked any longer I probably would have never finished it. o.@
The watercolor leaves that are coming through in the foreground were fun to do. I light tabled them using a mag light and a steady hand. Proof that, if you can McGuyver stuff together, you don't need expensive equipment.=P
Once again, sorry for the lateness on the pic Verm. But, like all the gifts I do, I had to make it as badass as I could.

Qiang Li Na is property of Vermilion.

Ren the Meerkat

My mischievous meerkat which folks seems to really dig. This time, he's updated and closer to the style I use currently versus the style in the Name Animation.
You will see more of him, I promise you that.

Colored pencils and ink on sketchbook paper.

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