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Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

Color Art: Page 9

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What more can I say? I love that little Trollan. I swear he's always looked like a pimp... I just brought it out a bit.
This was a fun pic to do, mixing bits of old and pieces of new designs made to the character. I also added the wand he lost when he first showed up in Eternia.

Pen and Color Pencil on Sketchbook Paper. Other glow-y effects done in Fireworks 4.

Orko and MOTU © Copyright 2003 Mattel.

deviantID - ProphetEKA '03

The cross was done about a month ago. I worked on other projects trying to think of what would look good next to it. Saw the first episode of Teen Titans and thought that style would work pretty well. Took about two hours from sketch to finished colors on the guy. Spent five hours on Fireworks 4 wishing I had cash for a tablet, spending a half hour adding glowy effects over four and a half hours worth of computer coloring. I know I'll redo this in colored pencils or some other physical medium soon.
I have to give credit to BlamBot fonts for the phat title font. It was the spark that set the good parts of this image in motion.

Colored pencil and ink on sketchbook paper. Effects and other coloring done in Fireworks.

Axer 2003

Simply, a pic of J. Axer.
Keep up the good work, man.

Pen and Colored Pencil on sketchbook paper. Letters and drop shadow done in Fireworks.

Axer is intellectual property of J.Axer.

Egyptian Cat Statue

I did this at work as part of a webpage image set called "Museums." This was the better of the current pieces color-wise. This is kinda' what you can expect from me for the next little while.
The image itself was hand drawn and scanned as I still lack a good working tablet.=P It was sent into Photoshop and made pretty spiffy. The little bit written on the bottom is from my old trusty art history book. Good good stuff indeed.

Pencil and ink on Sketchbook paper. Colors done in Photoshop.

Monoprinting in Two Colors

A simple monoprint. I personally liked the process of making this piece. A simple doodle made by playing in black ink on a blank plate. Soon I found myself waking up from what could possibly be considered a turpintine-induced stupor and I had this. I went over it with a quick roll of a thin translucent red. The paper itself had no effect on the final printing though.

All in all, fun was had by all. Well... fun was had by me at least. 'Tis a reoccuring image indeed. The simplicity of a globe and the wrapping of structure around it. Like the ball itself is being held down or maybe being let go. Coolness all the same, ya' know.

Ink on thick paper.

Death By Frosting

How to get me to paint with palete knives and thick paint:

  1. Make sure class starts at 9 am.
  2. Be sure the student (Me) is hungry.
  3. Put a real cake out as the still life with the promise that it can be eaten after class.

A fun project but I still wish I had taken a cupcake or two.=P

Oils on Canvas Board.

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