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Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

Color Art: Page 10

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Oils well that ends well

Last painting to come from my Painting 1 class. A still life that includes my stereo, old computer stuff, an old cell, and a bottle of Orbitz.
It is done in oils. Ebony pencil sketch to a Raw Umber underpainting. Blue and purple glaze with pale yellow highlights. Happy New Year folks!

Oils on Canvas.

Joystick Junkie - Final

Yep, the finished product. I did pass my art class and folks liked my image somewhat. I'm not too sure though, I ended with an amazing amount of silence when the teacher got around to mine. o.@ Proof my pics, like my jokes, can kill a room unusually quick.
That's a NES controller, a Genesis controller, and an Atari 7800 ProSystem. The Atari has a copy of Private Eye in it.

Watercolor, Pencil and Color Pencil on Bristol Board.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) © Nintendo of America 2003, Sega Genesis © Sega of America 2003, Atari 7800 © Atari Systems 2003, Private Eye © Activision 2003.

Self Portrait - Board Game

This was removed from my final project for 2D Design class. I liked the project but the board itself needs to be more 2D and have less layers. I messed with the background in an effort to give it a animation cell look and feel.
And yes, I do have two Wiffle Ball bats which I am known for using like weapons of plastic-y doom.=P

Watercolor and Color Pencils on Bristol Board. Background color and small shadow done in Fireworks 4.

Panda Claus

An old pic reborn. Done a year ago, it was lost and packed. Found when unpacking things, it was finished in Fireworks. Enjoy!

Pen and Colored Pencil on Sketchbook Paper. Computer goodness done in Fireworks 4.


This was a test in using straight color pencils for lighting. No extra pencil marks or shading done before them. No ink to get in the way. I think I did a pretty damned good job.=P
Also made into wallpaper.

Color Pencils on Printer Paper. Background and text done in Fireworks.

Tonberry © Copyright SquareEnix.

Froggy God of Water: Watercolors

No Photoshop, No Fireworks, just skills.

Ink and watercolors on bristol board.

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