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Bass is Copyright © Capcom Inc.

Color Art: Page 11

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Froggy God of Water: Final

This is what I've been working on the past few days. So far, this is the best non-massive image I've done for the past month or so. Based off of a random thought while passing the Frog Bridge in my town. Done w/o using computer programs to tweak and/or add elements. The first in a series of four.

Watercolor and Color Pencil on Bristol Board.

Evil P3nquin: Final

It is done. I finished off the image with a nice and simple color pencil job. I tried to keep the background as simply colored as possible. I want folks to focus on the character, not the rest of the image.=P
I faded the colors away from the penguin to force eyes to go where I want them to. An easy trick and less blatant than tons of speed lines. o.@

Pen and Color Pencils on White Printer Paper.

Shadow in the City: Color Test

Many have wondered... okay, a few people were curious as to how I set up colors on some of my images. Unless I'm simply cranking through the image (Which tends to be the case), I'll print out a seperate image to figure out the lights, darks and light source. This keeps the original clean and safe as well as letting me test different colors/traditional techniques without risk of irreparable damage.
This is the original lineart from Shadow Freak with my colors on top. No Freehand++ just yet.=P

Colored pencils on printer paper.

Lineart © Copyright Shadow Freak.

Shadow in the City: Final

To this lil' diddy done with patent-pending "Freehand++"
Now you get a finished colored piece. Unfortunately, it came out lighter than I had hoped. I tried correcting but the mix of Prismacolor and Prang color pencils was too much for me. Of course, I did not sack the original lineart!
I may end up doing this piece over again for a resubmit, getting the pencil down closer to the test I did. The background was tossed in to fix the space some. It took me a bit to get the sky looking just right. Skies tend to look much darker over places of high light pollution (Street lamps, headlights, buildings, etc.) and I think I may have got it just about right.

Much love to Shadow Freak - No matter what I do, this will always be hers. Colors and cityscape are mine.

Colored pencil and ink on printer paper. Bakcground done in Fireworks.

Original Lineart © Copyright Shadow Freak.


My little rabbit Digimon fan character. Not the best image but it was submitted in a hurry to make a contest deadline. Almost missed it due to homework overload. >.<
Here are Cuniculmon's Stats:

  • Name: Cuniculmon
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Family: Nature Spirit
  • Type: Domestic Animal Digimon
  • Attribute: Virus
  • Attacks: Meteor Strike, Sucker-punch
  • Digivice: D-Power
    Side note: Odd choice on the digivice, I know. The digivice mentioned is from Tamers series yet he sports the "Crest of Hope" from Adventures.

I have fleshed out the guy far enough to warrent a listing in the Museum. Not sure if I'll do anything with him yet as fan comics are generally not on my artistic to-do list. Not that I haven't done them before. Best bet is to stay tuned!=)

Colored pencil and ink on printer paper.

Cuniculmon is mine but Digimon © Copyright Bandai.

Journal Banner

A little doodle, colored and generally messed around with in Fireworks.
Lately, this is how my doodles have been. Simple little stuffed toys of my characters. Might just make them someday.=)

Pencil on glossy paper. Colors and text done in Fireworks.

Font © Copyright Blambot.

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