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Poems and Rhymes to Sooth the Soul
and Blow your Mind

Here's all the poems I could find. I'll post more as I can find/make them. I've built up quite the collection over the years, not all of these things are happy. So... leave your sanity at the door and read at your own risk.

~ Child of the Night ~

I've always joked about being a child of the night
The older I get, the more it seems I was right.
I step outside into that pale moonlight
When I'm in it, it feels like it's holding tight
In its arms, a feeling that's warm.
When I'm in it, I feel like I'm in no harm.
A supernatural pull from around every bend
Never wrong, the darkness, it becomes my friend.
The night, the icy cold blackness of space
The beat to which I set my pace.
It makes you nervous, it makes your poor heart race.
If you want to leave, you better make haste.
Beware or you might see my face
Staring back from the shadows, my eyes ablaze.
Watching you like a rat in a cage.

~ End

~ High School Journal #1 - 9/10/99 (Incomplete) ~

Rain, like tears from the sky.
Drops fall through the air like the one's from my eyes.
It's hard, I hate it when this shit goes down.
It's never easy when you see your friends put in the ground.
I know everyday people leave this mortal coil.
Everyday more people get put in the soil.
The more people we lose, their memory keeps us strong.
For some, it's the only thing that helps them live on...

~ End

~ High School Journal #2 - 11/19/99 (Immortality) ~

Immortality is life eternal, a blessing and a curse.
To see your children live and grow then carried off in the hearse.
To try to pass the time for just a day is a pain.
To try for all eternity would be to try in vain.
Immortality is life eternal, a blessing and a curse.
To see your friends and fellow man carried off in a hearse.
Eternity is quite the time, you'd see a lot of things.
You'd see the greatness of man and the folly that war brings.
Insanity would find you, soon you'll long for the hearse.
For Immortality is life eternal, both a blessing and a curse.

~ End

~ Time ~

Time, it's like an endless sea
No known end and no known beginning.
Some try to twist it to undo wrongs
Others, to see the people they long for.
A parent, a friend, or someone they miss
Or to give their love just on last kiss.
What seems impossible to some comes to many in dreams
After all, that's why we've got our memories.
From pictures, to postcards to even this;
A rhyme spanning time to help others reminisce.
To think of times of old and the things you did
From chilling with your friends to the things you dread.
I hope it's mostly good because you might be the one
To pass the story of your memories on to your son
Or daughter, whichever the case may be.
All in hopes that your legacy will pass through the centuries
On into infinity...

~ End

~ The Never-ending Poem ~

The way through which I found my center has now become my hole.
Enlightenment is my babysitter, knowledge takes its toll.
I've come this far in life to see it all and in hypocrisy
Using words too complex to fully understand.
Yet through jagged verse I've come to nurse myself and that's where it ends.

Through searching I've come across poems with no end.
The seem complete, sound lonely and sweet but they need an end.
Through verse and worse I share my curse of rhyme without reason.
To touch them and make them complete would simply be treason...

~ End

~ Innocence Lost ~

Innocence lost at the touch of a button,
A missile is launched and everybody's ducking.
A star is born on the surface of the earth,
The ground is scorched and shadows are forever burned in the dirt.
Innocence lost at the squeeze of a trigger,
A flip of the safety and a slip of the fingers.
A blaze from the barrel in a moment of rage,
Another parent in tears and other people are blamed.
Innocence lost at the flip of a switch,
The evening news has more violence than any wrestling match.
A flash from a plastic box at any age
Can inform of good events as well as the pain.
Innocence lost at the pull of a plug,
It's hard to think about the future after you witness this stuff.
A hospital bed is no place to pass on,
Sometimes the clock runs out before you see another dawn.
Innocence lost in a world gone astray,
Violence and sadness are seen through the day.
Back to the beginning, to the things we all miss...
Live for your dreams and live life to the fullest.

~ End

~ End Games ~

The Twilight of youth,
A dream is reborn.
The Culmination of 21 long years has begun.

On the road less traveled,
The path of an Artist's Life.
Where things look surreal
Reflecting a mysterious light.

Beauty is found in the ugliest things.
Shunned by the populous,
A treasure it seems
Hidden by "The Truth" that's fed to us all
Blocking us in,
I can see past that wall.

On to the life that's inside
You should see it, it's beautiful.
21 years worth of rhymes in one phrase:

You be True to You.

~ End

~ Legacy ~

The innocence of my life will save me
Save me from an awful death.
The first time yes and next time maybe,
Change my form to attest.
Wings upon my back to guide me...
Race the sky in Final Flight.
Wings upon my back to brace me...
Protect me in my Final Fight.
Dreams from youth, they stay with me
Though the days are passing still.
Stories written for the masses
Existing after time grows still.
I do as my heart commands me,
Following the path that’s left.
My mark upon this world will save me
Save me from an awful death.

~ End

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